Tuesday, July 12, 2005

This Just In:

American workers waste approximately two hours a day on the internet on the job.

Largely unsurprising, given that many people probably don't have enough work to do and many workplaces today don't do a tremendous amount to foster a sense of team spirit, employee loyalty or even a sense of pride in one's work. Also to consider is the number of kids out there today with $80,000 degrees in, say, Mesopotamian Archeology or Gender Studies doing data entry.

Admittedly, I do goof off a bit. Generally, though, I prefer my analogue pursuits (writing limericks with my boss and hollering back and forth between offices in something other than English) to the digital ones. My boss, well, she comes up with inventions and ideas that are eventually going to make her rich one day. Currently in the galleys is a "Teach Yourself to Read" book. Best known for her research into "print to punch" technology back in her days as a systems programmer, she's always thinking of ways to help out this generation's coders. I'm surprised that her writing good code in blue font and bad code in red font idea (so when you're looking to debug, the bad stuff jumps right out at you) hasn't caught on yet, to be honest.

Goofing off on the job has been occuring since Man came up with the notion of wage-slavery (and probably even before then). Technology can only help make one's goofing off more efficient, whether one is marketing their latest literacy self-help guide or surfing for p#rn.

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