Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Stained Glass and Serendipity

Talk of Fibonacci intervals, prime numbers and cellular automata led to the creation of a new sweater pattern by un ami de loin who's becoming a muse of sorts:

(My friend from afar tells me he generated this pattern with software he received with the Wolfram book "A New Kind of Science." It's beautiful and very hypnotic, but neither Karen nor I wish to tackle this just now.)

The conversation turned to Chartres, of gothic cathedrals and of stained glass. Still tasting that clear, deep, velvety Chartres Blue

in my head from last night, I came into work to find another bit of stained glass beauty captured by Harry over the weekend:

Which I guess leads us back to the subject of cellular automata, now, doesn't it.
Funny how that works.

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