Monday, July 11, 2005

My Monday Morning Flower is a favorite that Hal found in the Champney parking lot in front of Mt Chocorua in the White Mountains forest. We used to call this Indian Paintbrush as kids - it is in fact Orange Hawkweed. Under any name, it's considered a nuisance. Being a fair bit of a weed/nuisance/invasive species myself, I'm particularly partial to it. Also am fond of that vivid burnt orange. Get enough of them growing together and it looks like your field's up in flames.


Anonymous said...

It looks like a chicory that slipped out of the convent, discovered the pleasures of the flesh, and is astonished at how sinfully rapturous they are.

Be said...

Indeed it does! How would you characterize the yellow hawkweed? Dour puritan that I am, all I can think of is discovering the pleasures of the flesh, over indulging, and ending up on a transplant list as a result. (sorry)