Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Ordinarily, we'd have been up Monadnock maybe 3-4 times by now. The weather being what it's been (either the grand deluge or too hot to move) pushed back the first climb to a crazy late date.

To make the most of the day, we took a number of paths that we'd only hiked maybe once before and made sure to hit two summits. Hal took this picture (that's me in the lower left-hand corner, by the way) at the Monte Rosa summit - a small peak at about 2550 feet. Behind us is Monadnock's summit - maybe another 500-600 feet.

Those of you in the Alps and the Rockies may well laugh at such a small, old mountain, but it's my favorite. We've hiked a good number of the trails, and have looked over to the white mountains, to Connecticut, to Vermont and Maine from the summit. Summer wouldn't be summer for me without at least a few visits to Monadnock.


For those of you who are interested - we went up Lost Farm to Cliff Walk to Hello Rock to Monte Rosa. At Monte Rosa, we continued up Smith to the Monadnock Summit. We descended via Pumpelley and Red Spot...ordinarily we'd take Cascade, but we got out there late. Red Spot was kind of funny, as it follows an old stream bed that revived itself thanks to all the rain we'd gotten in April/May/June.

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AC said...

hahaha I laugh at your puny mountains!