Friday, January 05, 2018

A Grasshopper walks into a bar

grabs a stool and orders a drink. 

The bartender asks, "hey, did you know they named a drink after you?"

"They named a drink Fred?"


This only resembles a classic Grasshopper in that it's Green and Creamy.  (Wonderfully Creamy.)
I was trying to use up a perfectly ripe avocado, and had some leftover melon from the other day.

For two servings:

1 avocado
1 c. coconut water
1/2 c. thawed frozen Persian melon
a good grating of fresh ginger
a squeeze of lime juice
seltzer water
crushed ice
cinnamon (optional, though it makes a pretty garnish.  Also adds an earthy, almost chocolatey perfume to the ensemble)

Blend the peeled, destoned avocado with coconut, ginger, lime juice and melon until smooth.
Fill two highball glasses 1/4 full of crushed ice, divide the avocado mixture between the glasses.  Stir to mix, then top off with seltzer and cinnamon garnish.

Very smooth and not too sweet.  Green's my favorite color.

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