Thursday, January 25, 2018

Summertime Thing.

Melon, cucumbers, mint and berries go into just about everything we drink in the Summer, from lemonade to iced tea, to even the white wine or occasional rum drink. 

As it was a dry cold today, felt dehydrated on returning home. This felt so good going down.

Persian melon, slices and juice / lime juice / cucumber / mint leaves / lime seltzer / strawberry

Essentially, what I did was chop up a couple slices of cucumber, a couple chunks of melon, and some mint leaves.  Added a squeeze of lime juice and some of the juice from the melon.  Mixed that all up, tossed in an ice cube, then filled the glass the rest of the way with seltzer water.  Since strawberries were on sale and looked cheerful, used one for a garnish.  Easy as anything!  Pretty, too.

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