Sunday, January 21, 2018

Winter Sunrise.

Day 21 (three weeks!), Dry January: Winter Sunrise.

When I was a kid, worked in a chain restaurant known for making everything from scratch, on premises. During the school year, I was the night baker, which included both waiting on customers and playing (ahem underaged) bartender. There, the first mixed drink I learned to make was a tequila sunrise. How fascinating it was to watch the grenad
ine bleed down into the juice-hooch mix through the ice cubes.

Hadn't thought about that until tonight, when I poured a spoonful of the cranberry shrub over my apple soda and watched it filter its way down. Made me smile.

- 1 can Cawston Press Cloudy Apple soda
- 1-2 Tbs cranberry shrub
- Splash of Lime Juice
- 3-4 ice cubes
- 2-3 mint leaves, shredded

Just toss the ice cubes in, add your soda and splash of lime.  Stir to mix.  Pour shrub over soda, watch it slowly sink to the bottom with the same fascination as one would watch a lava lamp in action.  Garnish with mint leaves.  Enjoy.

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