Thursday, January 11, 2018


How did Egg Creams get named, as they contain neither eggs, nor cream? Always liked these, the Southerners' (all things being relative) fizzy version of a Boston milkshake. (Milk and flavored syrup, shook. No ice cream; that'd be a frappe.) 

Instead of the traditional chocolate or vanilla syrup, I used rose flavored, with a bit of spice thrown into the shaker. Housemate, my guinea pig, asked me where the lamb vindaloo was that we should have been having for dinner tonight.

Sweeter than the other drinks so far, but perfumey. Could see making this one again, but going lighter on the syrup.

For two:

- 11/2 c. milk
- flavored syrup of your choosing to taste (I used rose, approx. 1/4 c, as the label said roughly 2T per serving; that was a bit intense.  Thinking that maybe half that would be ideal.)
- seltzer (I used orange)
- ice

Pour milk, ice, syrup and any other flavors you might like into shaker.  Shake until frothy.  Pour into two highball glasses, top with seltzer.  Garnish, if desired.  I used a cardamom pod, some rose petals and ginger with this. 

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