Sunday, January 07, 2018


Dry January, Day 7:  First week!  Yay!

As I cannot stand vodka, I will normally order a 'virgin' mary, or perhaps a michelina (bloody mary with beer).

Made mine spicy and a little gazpacho-y, as that's what I was craving.

Sweet is nice, but I'd really like to find more savory drinks. 

For two:

- 1 can low-salt tomatoes
- Cholula pepper sauce (I used green), lemon juice, lime juice, cumin, salt, black pepper to taste
- ice
- a whole mess of crudites for a garnish.  (Carrot, cucumber, celery here.  If I had olives, would have thrown those in as well.  Maybe celery root, too.  I was craving something between gazpacho and a salad.)

Blend tomatoes with pepper sauce, juices, spices.  Fill glass with ice.  Add drink mixture.  Garnish to your heart's content.

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