Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I have a running joke with my gyno that what with all the little hunks he keeps cutting out of my sensitive bits, he's very soon going to have the proverbial pound of flesh from me.

This last time wasn't any easier than the time before, but I did manage to put a good face forward - so much so that Dr. Gyno declared that the copay was a better entertainment buy than going to a movie. Wasn't too happy that I wouldn't sing as I normally do when I get an exam, but I was too nervous to do that.

When he finished cutting, I asked to see the bit of me that was going off to be tested. He brought the specimen cup around for me to look. It was actually pretty fascinating in a morbid sort of way to see that little disc floating in the medium - I don't know that I'd be more interested if it were kidney stones or my appendix, actually.

As he moved the cup back to the sample shelf, I waved and said in this thin little voice, "bye-bye." At that, he took my hand in both his and held kind of tight. Exclaimed that I was such a nice girl, a sweet girl, that I brought sunshine into the office, and that he hoped that the tests would come back negative. Slightly confused, I answered back, "and if you didn't find me so nice and sweet, would you hope that they came back positive?" That got a characteristic belly laugh and a slight slap on the back.

Now, for the wait.

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