Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just got the grade back from the last class. Did pretty well, considering I threw the last paper and was given (what I think to be) a symbolic fail grade on it*. Had that coming, though, as the work I submitted was hateful and awful and only done to complete the requirement. It was funny, as, all it had written on it by way of commentary was "where are your words??"**

Now, to finish up the other two classes I had to get extensions on.


* Got an A-.

** Had two options for the subject and I chose wrong. After reading Hofstadter's take on John Calhoun, I grew to detest the man greatly because he reminded me too much of bad stuff now. Also, I found myself getting too obsessed over his thesis on class struggle and his solutions to that problem vs that pushed by marxists/socialists. Would much rather have read more and written about that. However, it wasn't the time for talks about slavery and collectivism and the creation/denial of certain symbols for the workers in either system. I also neither had the time nor the inclination to come up with some more appropriate BS (how BSing causes me such anguish now!), so just produced a truncated, dully-written bit of disappointing to me (and to the professor, apparentlty) garbage to hand in. As I'm taking another course with the same fellow, am thinking of writing a little followup just for laughs and hand it in with my current assignment. We'll see.

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