Friday, May 30, 2008


Father: "Daughter, I present to you your future husband."
Daughter: "Well...if he isn't a virgin, I'm going to annul the marriage."


This week in Lille, the court annulled the marriage of an anonymous "not at all extremist" Muslim couple, as the woman apparently lied about being a virgin.

Faced with public outcry against the Judge's decision on the grounds that a woman's sexuality is a private matter and assertions that the ruling opposed France's secular (laique) policies, the Minister of Justice Rachida Dati explained matters thus:
"Justice is there to protect. The act of annulling a marriage is also a means of protecting the person who wishes perhaps to undo the marriage, because I believe that this young woman (...) wished as well, without a doubt, disolve the union quickly..."

Good point. But what about protecting the rights of women in general?

I really hate to think that the French are losing control of things as badly as the British (not to mention the Dutch or the Belgians) seem to be.

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