Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ran into Raphaella yesterday. It had been some time since we'd spoken, so got caught up a bit on tests, doctors, gardening, etc. Would have stayed to talk longer, but I needed to get to work.

Before going, though, I needed to come clean:

"Can I tell you something?"
"What's wrong?"
"Well, you know something? I hope you won't think of me as too Peeping-Tom ish, but when you put out your laundry, I like to take pictures of it. I even made some movies."

The slyest grin showed on her face. "What're you gonna do? Sell my underwear on e-Bay?"

"No, I just posted stuff so everybody could enjoy for free. The pictures are pretty nice; I especially like the pink pair. Breaks the monotony of the white."

She told me that the pink underpants were a mistake - she'd meant to buy just white, but those showed up in the package. Bleaching didn't help.

I told her to keep them, they added spice.

"You really like them? You want to take more pictures?" The grin went from sly to sh!t-eating and she started to hike up her skirt.

"Thanks, but time for me to head out - I'm late as it is!"

Raphaella's yard last December.

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