Monday, May 19, 2008

Spent a good chunk of yesterday in the garden tending to business. The yews, the climbing roses, the lilacs all got some serious pruning. Descended upon the sorrel like the Angel of Death. Am very pleased with what I accomplished, but feel like hell. Gosh darnit, does getting old suck.

Still, it was good to have the sun and air on me, to chat with the neighbors, to see such clear results of my labors. Made a couple folks' days by handing out bouquets of lilacs in recycled juice jars.

Even the cute neighbor whose name I can never remember stopped by to take a tour of the grounds and learn again the names of the plants he forgets each year. I sent him off with some candytuft and tarragon to give his roommates in exchange for the truther videos he gifted me with over the winter.

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