Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fertility Goddess?

All my life I've had a three week cycle which is kind of a shame, since it probably was never in the stars for me to breed. This has always been the bane of my existence - so much so that even as a kid I'd prayed for an early 'change' like my mom had (at 35.)*

I knew something was wrong when, after starting the male hormones, my period stopped coming for several weeks. It was then that the doctor put me on a half dose and the 'friend' came back, albeit in 5-6 week cycles.

Since I've stopped taking that dreadful stuff, my body's reverted to its original rhythm for better or for worse. Though initially I was relieved to see how quickly I bounced back, I'm back to thinking that the 'change' can't come too soon.


* My mom was shocked to find out that, at 37, I still was going strong in the fertility department. She was even more shocked to find out that one of my coworkers is in her mid-40s and six months pregnant, too. She just assumed that everybody was as lucky as she was.

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