Thursday, May 29, 2008

What's with all these classes?

Enrolled myself at Bunker Hill to take some writing-intensive courses, as it's been a dog's life since I'd done anything serious in that area. I mean, blogging's nice and everything. However, it's not very heavy stuff compared to what I had to produce back when I was a student.

Since I'm thinking that I'd like to go back to school, figured it might be nice to pick something I thought I'd enjoy in order to get the feet wet again (finished undergrad 15 years ago. Took my last literature courses like 10 years ago). Since literature/fine-arts were my specialties in the other life, didn't really want to take anything in those areas. Decided instead to focus on stuff I'd always wanted to take in school but never had the occasion to try, namely History or Economics.

Started with the External Study Department's American History I. Am currently enrolled in American History II and Western Civilization I (drive by version - we're covering some ridiculous amount of time - Biblical times to the Renaissance). Am so pleased with how supportive the administration and the instructors are. Am also impressed both with how interesting the materials are and how challenging the work is. In all, am amazed at what I'm getting for relatively little money in the scheme of things. Tuition's amazingly cheap compared other schools in the area, UMass Boston included.

If I'm around in the Fall (and that's a big IF. I'll go on about that later as stuff becomes less vague and I get over my fear of jinxing things), I'd like to take the second part of the Western Civilization course. We'll see.

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