Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"Well, it wasn't Starry Night*."

I know that this is Detroit, but come on. The kid wadded his gum up in a museum and stuck it on one of the paintings (by Helen Frankenthaler). Defaced someone else's property. "Only 12?" "Didn't understand the ramifications of what he did?" Please. Was he raised by wolves?


The Guy chimed in on this one: Where were the guards? Did the teacher/chaperone talk to the kids beforehand? (I remember field trips when I was a kid - fun times, but on a tight leash.)

* A friend of The Guy's told the tale of his brother's having accidentally hurt a painting in a museum. This was the defense offered after seeing the horror this story elicited.


nappy40 said...

That's the fault of the teachers who obviously left the kids unattended, and the guards, who were not doing their jobs.

Be said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly. I also have a problem with a 12 year old not having the sense to know that you don't wad gum and put it wherever, though.

nappy40 said...

I'm sure he had the sense to know, but he was being mischievous.

I didn't think they would allow kids to even get that close to a painting.

Be said...

A lot of places don't have alarm systems in place (or even insurance as we learned with the Gardner Museum here) because of expense, I think. They rely on the guards to keep an eye out.

Our MFA has a killer alarm system. You LOOK at a painting the wrong way and the sirens go off. (I should know: I set something off almost everytime I go.)

nappy40 said...

Who has to pay for the repairs?

Be said...

That's a very good question. They didn't get into it in the article and I was wondering, myself. I wonder if the museum is going to suck it up. If they have insurance, it should be covered.