Thursday, March 09, 2006

Natural Phenomena in Nautical Art

I am a fan of nautical art; it's a fascinating medium to me. Love looking at different schooners, racing yachts, steamships. Also love the dramatic representations of naval disasters and whale pursuit. I must take after my father for that.

One does not often see representations of tsunamis, however, and I found this one, which hit the western coast of Japan in 1854 to be particularly blood-chilling.

-From the PEM's Maritime Collection.


Falter Ego said...

Have you ever run across 'half-hulls'? I had a childhood friend who's dad collected them. They were hung all over the walls in his house. I never see them anymore.

Be said...

The PEM has a couple large ones: they're kind of neat, but I don't spend as much time poring over them as I do the paintings or prints. (Personal preference).