Friday, March 03, 2006

Last night, got my quarterly look at what was on the boob. ABC had a movie on: something called Sweet Home Alabama (a Reese Witherspoon and Allman Brothers vehicle). Not tremendous, but not downright awful, either. I was actually surprised at the relatively sympathetic portrait of the people from Witherspoon's character's hometown. Especially interesting was the treatment of the gay male character in her group of old friends; made me think that if Proulx and Lee had relocated their characters to Alabama, they'd not have fared so poorly.

After that, I had the choice between 20/20 reporters baiting members of some religious commune and random lawyer stories on other stations, so went to bed. Given what I'd seen of upcoming programming during the myriad commercial breaks (inventors making fools of themselves in front of judges and Extreme Makeover Surgical Edition), I'm probably not going to be turning on the TV again for quite a while.

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Nick said...

"Last night, got my quarterly look at what was on the boob."

Oh... and here I thought it was time to do a breast self examine.