Saturday, March 04, 2006

Left work a little bit early last night so I could root around Target a bit before heading home. Found a few nice things and didn't spend too much:

one pair of floppy black pants (cotton/spandex mix with a flat front placket): $4.98
one pair of khaki pants, same style: $5.74
one pair of 'french toast' colored cargo pants: $11.48
one fitted, cropped, tan blazer with 3/4-length sleeves: $13.98

All are slightly funky, but classic enough to last a few years. I like the bit of brass hardware on the cargo pants, and the blazer's got a really nifty retro jacquard pattern.

Also picked up a 'seamless' spandex suit top, but after trying it on again, found it to be too sexy to be comfortable. That'll go back.

I'm amazed at how well-made all these things are, given what they cost. Granted, they were all on the clearance rack, but still. Makes a girl wonder what the cost of inputs was, for crying out loud. Hmm...let's see: two pairs of pants came from Vietnam and another from Hong Kong. The coat was made in the Phillipines.

Well, that answers it. Good for Vietnam, Hong Kong and the Phillipines.

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Nick said...

As my friend Josh loves to say about his Nike shoes...

The best shoes that little underage Chineese hands can make.