Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Was awakened by the nightmare.

The Dream has visited me 3-4 times a year since I was was about 12, though in recent years, it's changed a bit. I don't feel as helpless as when I was younger. I'm also able to either manipulate the outcome or wake myself outright if I'm too frightened to confront those who would do me and now my loved ones harm. The Dream's also become a less frequent visitor: thought it had gone away for good as I'd not seen it in over a year.

Tonight, Hal and I were harboring an old friend originally from Buffalo, who I met in Boston, and who now lives in Texas. She saw something she shouldn't have seen and was being pursued. I heard mention of drug dealers.

After defusing her initial fear and resentment about being abandoned, Hal sensibly pointed out that it would be best for us to separate and contact one another somehow later. I was to loan her some ID, as we look somewhat similar. As we hurriedly planned and packed, we got warning that They had arrived. Felt the characteristic heavy chill in my chest, then my brain told me to wake up.

I am afraid to go back to sleep, but need to try.


nappy40 said...

That even scares me. Try to get some rest!

Be said...

Have always dreamt pretty vividly and horribly. Believe it or not - I've actually mellowed out in recent years. Post therapy me is far less likely to beat the crap out of you or holler weird stuff in my sleep than pre-therapy me. (snort)