Thursday, March 02, 2006

Though we're slated to get more snow soon, I'm rearing to go at it in the garden. The seed catalogs have been coming since January. Karen and I have been poring over Seed Savers like a couple kids with the Wish Book before Christmas. The days are getting longer (in less than three weeks, the sun will be setting at seven!), the quality of light is improving as well.

In two weeks' time, I'll be out poking around the frozen ground with a chopstick, making holes for my peas: a Somerville version of Puxatawney Pete.

Was sorting through my seeds from last year, trying to envision what sort of garden I'd like to end up with this year:

Phlox, zinnias, nasturtium

Lots of greens: arugula, buttercrunch lettuce, two kinds of escarole, chard, collards, kale

White radishes, cauliflower, cucumbers

What am I missing? Tomatoes, maybe? Squash? The herbs (rosemary, thyme, sage, tarragon, chives, oregano, mint) will be coming up soon and I've seen some greens from last year peep up at me. Plus have plenty of perennial flowers.

Radishes! Have to get radishes; they're early risers and very good company for the peas.

Any ideas for nice, bright, cheap annual flowers to spruce things up until the warmer weather? Haven't been lucky with bulbs, unfortunately and would like something to cheer up the flower bed in the early season.


nappy40 said...

Don't know. I never had any luck with bulbs either. Tried daffodils with no luck at all. I like azaleas, they bloom every year. All they need is water and plant food.

Be said...

I love azaleas. Should see if I can fit a little bush in next to the rhody who keeps coming back in spite of all the snow we pile on it.

Usually bulbs work well for me, but I'm wondering if the ground's too clay-ey or compacted for them to push out.

nappy40 said...

I'm going to try bulbs again. Next time in a container.

Be said...

Force those puppies!