Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Happy 15th of March!

Enjoy your day, but don't forget to watch your backs.

...When he saw that he was beset on every side by drawn daggers, he muffled his head in his robe, and at the same time drew down its lap to his feet with his left hand, in order to fall more decently, with the lower part of his body also covered. And in this wise he was stabbed with three and twenty wounds, uttering not a word, but merely a groan at the first stroke, though some have written that when Marcus Brutus rushed at him, he said in Greek, 'You too, my child?"...

-Lives of the Caesars, Divine Julius, LXXXII. Suetonius. A text that made Latin more than worth learning.

-The image? From a local someone whose work I'm going to have to look more into. Wow.


Nick said...

Interesting little occurrence here at work about this...

Originally they had scheduled a rather large deployment for tonight. However, because of some schedule issues, they decided to push it out a couple weeks and now its scheduled for April 1st.

That's right. They delayed it from the Ides of March to April Fools Day. I'm not sure if that's an improvement or not.

nappy40 said...

The ides of March is upon us again?

Simon Kenton said...

Assidentem conspirati specie officii circumsteterunt, ilicoque Cimber Tillius, qui primas partes susceperat, quasi aliquid rogaturus propius accessit renuentique et gestu in aliud tempus differenti ab utroque umero togam adprehendit; deinde clamantem: "Ista quidem vis est!" alter e Cascis aversum57 vulnerat paulum infra iugulum. 2Caesar Cascae brachium arreptum graphio traiecit conatusque prosilire alio vulnere tardatus est; utque animadvertit undique se strictis pugionibus peti, toga caput obvolvit, simul sinistra manu sinum ad ima crura deduxit, quo honestius caderet etiam inferiore corporis parte velata. Atque ita tribus et viginti plagis confossus est uno modo ad primum ictum gemitu sine voce edito, etsi tradiderunt quidam Marco Bruto irruenti dixisse: καὶ σὺ τέκνον; 3Exanimis diffugientibus cunctis aliquamdiu iacuit, donec lecticae impositum, dependente brachio, tres servoli domum rettulerunt. Nec in tot vulneribus, ut p112Antistius medicus existimabat, letale ullum repertum est, nisi quod secundo loco in pectore acceperat.

4Fuerat animus coniuratis corpus occisi in Tiberim trahere, bona publicare, acta rescindere, sed metu Marci Antoni consulis et magistri equitum Lepidi destiterunt.

(The greek character set failed; it is usually transliterated something like "Kai su, tecnon?")

Be said...


I've got workarounds for the diacriticals in French and German, but have never figured out the keystrokes for placing macrons (on either a mac or a pc keyboard).

Would you have any insights on that?