Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Didn't help matters either that I was reduced to my five year old self last night, alternating between the usually-at-bay fear of the dark and horror at the lightning storm.

Ampersand abandoned me for her safe place under the piano bench, so I ended up crying myself to sleep.

Between the headache from tear-loss dehydration, the clenched jaw and the sleep lost to the nightmare, I'm going to be an absolute bear at work today.


erin said...

My problem last last night was wind, not lightning, but I know how you feel. My fiance trys to make light of it "it's only a storm..." but I know different. The lightning and thunder are, more often than not, terrifying. I feel for you. It is no fun to be tired because fear kept you awake.

Be said...

Thanks for that. I did crawl under the piano once when a storm woke me up - and the ridiculousness of it gave me something to joke with myself about.

I allowed myself to be a bear yesterday and got a lot of stuff done. There's something to be said for being raw every now and again.

nappy40 said...

Yes. When you're feeling raw people leave you alone.