Saturday, May 08, 2004

Yesterday had to be one of the worst days yet to be cloistered away in a cubicle. I made a point not to go outside during lunch, as I knew that it would have been impossible to make me come back in. The minute it hit five, however, I was off to Ricky's in Union Square. Decided that purple would be this year's color. Since I had done such a job on the lilac tree last fall, I figured that it might be nice to reference the blooms that we are not getting this year. Also picked up some thyme and rosemary, then made my way home.

During the walk back to my place, I think I hit on something: girls with crates of pretty flowers are like guys with babies or dogs. I got so many smiles, so many people stopping me to so as to better look at the blooms, smell the herbs. I felt like an envoi of Gaia or something.

The tomatoes I started from seed are so small compared to Raphaella's! I'm so ashamed! Put them out for a bit last night and this morning to harden.

The weekend emptied out suddenly. I'm actually very relieved, as have not been feeling much like road trips. Hopefully we'll just get some nice, quiet garden, maybe beachy time. I can really use it. I know that Hal could, too.

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