Saturday, May 08, 2004

Took a short run this morning - sort of a maintenance deal, as I can't do too much right now in terms of building endurance or upping speed. It felt so good to be out and my knees don't feel bad at all.

Today found me circling Foss Park. What fun! Saw two fĂștbol games, a couple basketball games. One softball game, lots of tennis players and a cricket match as well.

I love the feeling of the heartrate increasing, the breath getting a little ragged. I love the cleansing sweat, the warmth and softness that permeates my body. I love the sun on me. I know I must be a fright with the flyaway hair and probably noxious odor, but the whole experience is part rush, part volupté all beautiful. I feel very in my body. Don't know how else to describe it, except that it approaches how I've felt when something clicked in my head and I was suddenly fluent in another language. Except that my whole body clicks and is fluid instead of only the brain.

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