Monday, May 17, 2004

What a weekend! Beachy Saturday with the Double Shinoda event at the Harvard Film Archive as bookends. I'd like to say that everything was perfect, but, well, it wasn't. On Friday, had a horrible allergy attack that ended up causing me to cancel a date and leave work early. On Saturday, ended up injuring my foot and getting sunburned on the beach. I'll take the bad with the good, however, if it means I can have as nice a time as I did.

Plum Island was breathtaking as always. As per usual, parts of the beach were closed for the tufted plover nesting season. That still left plenty of space to wander. I'm not quite sure how far we ended up walking, but barefoot and on the sand, it gave the feet and legs quite a workout.
I'm not quite sure how I managed to hurt myself, I think it was through horseplay - but when I got home, my right foot was throbbing and continues to do so. The sunburn is cooling down and leaving patches of freckles all over my arms, neck, shoulders, face.

It was so strange being at the beach in summer gear this early in the year - the temperature hit the 90s! Pretty rare for early/mid may that far north. The water, though, reminded us that there was still a long way to go before summer. Hal and I played chicken with the waves - I couldn't stand it, it was so painful on the ankles and toes!

Oh! I saw a horseshoe crab from wash up from the sea, too, for the first time! Granted, it was only part of the crab. I'd only seen the shells before in museums.

Such a glorious Saturday. Such a gloomy Sunday, and apparently a gloomy Monday as well.
Makes it that much less difficult to go to work, I guess.

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