Sunday, May 23, 2004

Nice, serendipitous little weekend - not much turned out as originally thought, but all of it was good.

Friday night - sat in the yard and drank a little too much with the roommate and guy. Saturday - instead of hiking or going to visit a friend up north, we got an unexpected visit from Hal's mom. Boy, do I like her. I don't think she minds me too much either, given how she just lets me prattle on like a little chicken or something. Had dinner, watched a documentary on the president of Latvia, retired early. Today - Arija had a date at the Leverett dump and Hal and I had a Sox game to go to.

The day turned out a lot better weather-wise than we had thought it would. Sunny for the first four innings (boy, you should see my face and forearms - it's like I was spraypainted red!), then cloudy and cool for the rest. About the only thing that made it less than perfect was the wind, which was favoring the defense. No one got a homerun. In the end, though - the Sox prevailed 7-2 over the Jays.

Am thinking of turning in early - tired from dehydration and from a very busy couple of days. How come these weekends have to fly by like they always seem to?

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