Sunday, May 23, 2004

Had a Virginia Postrel moment at the Barnes & Noble that passes for my college's bookstore today. Went in to use the restroom and ended up getting sucked into the school pride apparel section. Back when I was attending, there were your basic tee shirts and sweatshirts in the white, gray or red with the university crest and block letters. Now, miniskirts, shorts with the university initials on each be-hind cheek, College Baby gear. Pinks, light blues, canary yellows-all this in addition to the basics (which, somehow manage to cost less than 12-15 years ago).

I found myself to be drawn to a tee shirt with a cute little graphic of the school mascot. I don't generally feel the need to send any money the way of my alma mater. Heaven knows they got enough from me already. Still, the variety is so appealing (never thought the standard fare was interesting enough to buy) and I guess I am feeling a bit nostalgic, it being almost 12 years to the day since my commencement.

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