Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Just like everyone has a price, everyone has a 'type.'
It's very rarely that I am confronted with mine, but today it happened.

One of my favorite field people came in and shared a bit of banter with me. Usually I don't want to say anything, just smile and nod, because I'm scared to death that I'll say something horrendously inappropriate (Can you imagine me speechless? No? Well, it happens only once in a while. Usually in the presence of, well, the type). Today, since he was early for his appointment, he stopped into my cube and examined the artwork on my walls. (I have a very visually stimulating work area.) Chatted about Egypt, our bureaucracy, how I could make his life easier, etc. I floated the notion of electronic reports delivery to should have seen his eyes light up! That alone has me with my head in the clouds, la nuque a la lune,etc.

Since he caught me between lunch and tooth brush, of course I had broccoli between my teeth. Isn't that always the case?

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