Saturday, May 22, 2004

Not much to report. Looks like the weekend might be a literal wash. Film tonight maybe at the HFA. Probably lots of reading and knitting. Perhaps a little run, as I'm afraid to test the ankle too much.

Spent altogether too much on this beautiful handspun, hand-dyed wool/nylon bouclé that I picked up at Mind's Eye in Porter Square. Though I can't be spending this sort of money all the time, I do have to say that it is worth every penny I paid in terms of the labor involved. Watercolory shades of blue melding in to each other, soft curls held into place by a stabilizing thread. Knitting (I have this hank earmarked to be a shawl.) this is going to be an incredibly sensual experience - from watching the rythym of the color to smelling the dye, to feeling the bouclé in my hands - much like caressing a curly-haired loved one's head or a docile sheepie.

Couple new knitting magazines have me thinking that it's time to get a leg-on Christmas gifts, as well. You can never start too early on them. Do I go with trying to use up the stash, small luxury items or big, comfy sweaters for everyone? Hmm. Food for thought.

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