Friday, October 03, 2003

"A New History of Art"

Interesting critique in the WSJ culture section. I think that I might like to take a look at this new art history book. It will be refreshing to read a text that has the boldness to inject subjectivity in an area that is strangling itself in a sort of feedback loop. Though I don't have a problem with modern art per se (those of you who know me and know my particular tastes understand this), I do have a problem with the contemporary trends in music, art, literature/writing that leads to meaninglessness to all but the 'happy few' - the academes who have created the hothouse atmospheres. The ones who seek only to 'engage in dialogue with other artists.'

Okay. I just spilled a cup of chocolate all over me. I'm a bit spastic and I'm sort of frothing at the mouth. Take my words with a very big grain of salt. But do read the article.

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