Sunday, October 05, 2003

Quel weekend! Let's see: Friday, dinner with Hal and his mom. Lots of good food. 'Heaven's manna' for dessert. Stories about Latvia. I have a beautiful silver amulet with all sorts of fertility-evil eye-protective symbols all over it.

Saturday: rain rain, more rain! Took a duck tour. This is my fourth one. First one that I've ever been on that was driven by a colonial era guy in a tricorne. First one in which I've gotten to hear 'the State House is a fine example of the Federalist Style.' or 'Richardsonian Romanesque.' Have I ever mentioned what a fan I am of the duck tours? If you ever decide to come to Boston and are going to have anything to do with me while you're here - chances are you will be forced to submit to one.

Saturday evening: back to Leverett with Hal's mom. Would have been nice to keep her here a little longer. Maybe we'll get her back soon.
Found a motel (the Scottish Inn! Complete with thistle in the logo and a wicked glottal stop when I'd shout it.) that was cheap, family-owned, clean enough, close enough and had a cooler full of beer and wine. Headed over to visit Hal's dad, who happens to be in town for a bit. Was amazed to see the Sox win one...go Sox!

Sunday: Breakfast, a couple farm stands, Northampton. Visited with my little brother. Hey, he's looking good, is doing honorable work, is happy in lalaland. Kind of giving em hell like I try to do here in my little corner of the 'celebrate diversity but not with my daughter' world. He mentioned something about that whole 'impeach Bush' culture that really warmed the cockles of my heart: "It seems to me that it's the more privileged and entitled kinds that are complaining about stuff when things really aren't too bad."

Hear hear.

Dinner at a nice chain restaurant that we like to visit on our way back down Route 2. Home now.

Tired out. Glad to be home. Glad to be still and quiet for a bit.
Calming down to "The Pictorial Jackson Review," one of the first things I received from Hal. One of the little signs that he's perhaps way too hip for me and a bit of a renegade to boot. Sigh.

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