Sunday, October 05, 2003

Two things to remember:

1.) Have to find a copy of Virginia Postrel's "The Substance of Style." I've heard lots of chatter about it from the pundits that I enjoy reading. Thanks the wonder of cable TV in the motel room, I got to see a talk she gave about her book on CSPAN. Fascinating.

2.) Henri Bernard-Levi I think his name is? Contemporary French philosophe who got the nail on the head when he characterized the post 1968 generation of intellectuals as being brought up on "Marxism and Coca-Cola." Gotta look up more on him.

Goodness, that's sooo beautiful. Explains pretty well, too, why Che Guevara tee shirts will always be great sellers. Forget about content, forget about even reading. It all just looks good. To quote Virginia Postrel - "I like it and I'm like it!"

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