Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Can I be needing another vacation this soon? I am feeling so, so, needing to be away from the office. Home, back in Buffalo, up north, anywhere but here.
Tonight was another quiet night. Looked at my Britten and Poulenc, banged the Hanon out. Had a glass of merlot and knitted away. The cream-colored sweater made of the acrylic fake aran is looking nice. Nice and plain. shouldn't be too heavy, either.

Why am I so tired out? Change in weather? General malaise? I'm becoming increasingly disappointed with people around me. From my best friend's loss of rhetoric after law school (response to my question about how civil liberties were so in danger nowadays: "I read the Constitution!"), to another lawyer friend's stunningly inane reference to Arnie being Hitler and his smashing rhetoric (on my stupidity, shallowness and blindness) on my response to that. What the heck are they teaching in schools nowadays?
Why should I put myself in hock another $20,000-$40,000 for this sort of foolishness? Surely not pure credentialism.

Listening to this beautiful album that Hal gave me. Was he just being nice, or did he know that he'd completely melt my frozen heart with a gift of a bootlegged "Train Above the City/Pictorial Jackson Review" album? Gosh.

Am feeling much better now. Much much better.
Combination music, merlot, chiropractic, getting this all off my chest, I guess. Good night.

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