Wednesday, October 08, 2003

So, Arnold's in. The Sox are in the Bronx tonight.
I made peach jam last night. Have been practicing a lot (Britten nocturne and a lovely little waltz by Francis Poulenc). It's nice to have something to get totally absorbed like that, but I fear it's taking its toll on my back and left arm. Guess I'll have to get the chiro to look into it.

I'm trying to find a sweet little poem that Bill Littlefield (sports commentator - has a wonderful show on NPR called "Only a Game") recited in his commentary this morning about Sox fans. It was really a gem.

You should see the headlines here - "What Curse?" the Herald, with a big, full page picture of Babe Ruth. The home front will *not* be quiet or calm tonight, as I live below and next to some who go beyond mere fandom...should be fun while it lasts.

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