Sunday, October 26, 2003

Nice weekend, what with that extra hour and all. Finished a sweater, finished a cuff/scarf thingy, worked on another sweater.

Ate lots of good food: I picked up Korean for Friday, Saturday we cooked, Sunday, we brought back Vietnamese takeout from Lowell. Was so pleased! Found a nice little market that carried, among other things, my favorite tamarind candies. They are a gel of tamarind mixed with sugar, salt and chili pepper for a serious !hup! kick. Be careful of the seed in the center, though!

Climbed Wachusett on Saturday. It was so nice to get out, even if it was about as crowded as the Foxboro parking lot before a Pats game there.

No deep thoughts or great insights at the moment. Just sort of winding down before hitting the hay. I wish my neck and shoulder would stop hurting me so. I need to remember to get an absentee ballot for the mayoral election, as (I totally forgot!), I'll be in Buffalo on Election Day. I think that that's it for now.

I'm tired, I hurt. I should go to bed so that I can be better equipped to handle tomorrow. And tuesday, not to mention wednesday...thursday...friday.

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