Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Of course, Peter Schickele's having pointed out that you can sing "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" to the melody of "Hernando's Hideway" doesn't help matters any.


Oh, what the heck. Yes, you can sing anything by Emily Dickinson to "The Yellow Rose of Texas," as well, I've found. Idem for just about anything by Schiller to the final movement of Beethoven's Ninth.


And let's not forget that since Hal has taken to calling my lovely Marcroft ovenware mugs "Hero Mugs," I can't drink a cup of tea anymore without humming the overture to Die Meistersinger. Thanks, Hal.


Yogo said...

Nice big mugs. I can drink a lot of coffee with those.

Be said...

They're *huge.* When I tell people I only have one cup of coffee a day, I'm kind of fibbing, because those are about the size of two normal mugs.