Saturday, November 19, 2005

Time to head out.

This morning:

West down Rte 2. Stop at Williamstown.

Get ourselves onto the Pike heading west. Drive a bit. Make our way to Saratoga Springs. Catch another exhibit. Spend the night. Maybe get a mineral bath in. (Coopertown's a bit out of the way, otherwise, we'd visit Ommegang and Howe Caverns.)

Back on the road. Straight shot down the Thruway to Buffalo. In between family visits and turkey dinners (two scheduled so far), maybe we'll get to squeeze a bit of sightseeing in.

Next: grab rte 17 and head due east along the Susquehanna. Lots of Revolutionary War memorial sites along this route, so plenty to look at. Make our way up to Binghamton for the next round of Thanksgivings (two, I'm told). Stay a couple days to rest, catch up with family, admire Andrew's (redhead at the head of the table) new house. Head north to catch the Thruway east. Drive all day. Get home.

I'm going to be under radio silence for a while, but do try to pay a visit to these folks - they're wonderful company.

Enjoy your week. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving (or two...or three...or four).


Sissy Willis said...

Oooh. I like the company. Thanks, and have a wonderful time!

Nick said...

Enjoy... and remember... fighting with your family and making each other miserable is what Thanksgiving is all about!

Be said...

Sissy & Nick: So far, so good. It only looks like 21/2 Thanksgivings in Buffalo and two in Binghamton right now. Lots of running around and catching up to do, though. Oh, and I have pie duty, too.

Best wishes to you both!

Yogo said...

Have a great time!

Be said...

I'm going to try, Nappy. You do the same. Though I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be turkey-ed out by the time I come back, I'm going to be looking forward to seeing what you cooked're making a goose, aren't you?

Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

Wishing you a safe trip and an unexpectedly wonderful time with your family. Happy Thanksgiving, Bev!