Monday, November 07, 2005


Was all set to get the fall cleaning done yesterday when Chance decided to mess with me. While the fall curtains were in the washer, I went outside to muck around in the yard a bit. Pulled up a bunch of dead plants and potted the chrysanthemums, then figured that the laundry was done. Went to the door, which in principle is never supposed to be locked, and found that it had locked itself. So, there I stood, barefoot, in a tee shirt and no good supporting undergarment, mud on my face and hands. The drizzle started getting heavier, the sky darker and the temperature cooler. What to do?

Checked with the neighbors to see if anyone had a key; no one did. Borrowed a phone and called the landlord up nawth. He said that he'd not be back in at least two and a half hours, so I'd need to sit tight somewhere. The guy across the street loaned me a sweatshirt, so put that on and wandered over to Pablo's.

Thank heavens he was home. Amused myself with the cats for a bit while he was fretting over what to pack for the conference he's currently attending (Bjarne Strostrop speaking at some Microsoft group grope in LV - Pablo's guru/childhood crush/person he wants to be when he grows up if he grows up some day). When he finished with that, I made something for dinner, and then called the landlord again. Three quarters of an hour north of the City on I95...could I hold tight a bit longer? Of course. Waited with Pablo for his taxi, then took the long way home. When I got back, I found the house wide open and everything lit up like Christmas...hallelujah! Thanked my landlord and Mrs. Landlord for letting me in, then managed to get the curtains up. Much as I wanted to go to bed, couldn't do so until I had some privacy.

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