Monday, November 07, 2005

Sunday's follies were apparently not enough. Monday struck my head with the force of a hammer on an anvil. Clang...Ouch! I thought my skull was going to explode from the force of the pain. I don't believe that it was a migraine, as there wasn't any flashing, although I did throw up a number of times. Judging by the fact that it's been kind of difficult to breathe lately and that the pain was a soggy, hot one around my eyes and temples, I'm thinking that this was sinus-related. Called work to tell my boss that I didn't think I could make it in, vomited again, felt my way back to bed. Found in my brain a place where it didn't hurt, so concentrated on having it soften the rest of me up. The effort of this concentration wore me out, and I managed to sleep for a good six hours.

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Yogo said...

Oh no! Get better soon!