Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Okay, I've had it.

Over the past couple days, I've gotten well over twenty phone calls from everybody running for either alderman or school committee in Somerville. Since I don't believe that there are any Republican candidates running (come on, this is Somerville!), I don't know that I can do anything but not vote tonight. This makes me feel dirty and sick, though. What do I do?


VFW said...

Vote for the best candidate on the ticket. Why concern yourself over whether he or she is on the Democratic or Republican ticket anyway. People are people. Some are qualified and of good character and others are not so qualified and are of bad character. I really wish people would stop partisan voting in this country and stick to learning more about the candidates themselves and then vote accordingly. (Since your elections are over with by now this comment is moot anyway but I just felt I had to rant a bit)

Be said...

I understand. I don't vote partisan. It's just that *everybody* is a Democrat here, so no real choice. As far as I was concerned, every one of them was equally qualified, and every one of them pissed me off equally by first sending me *tons* of junk mail (Environmentally conscious? I don't think so.) harassing the hell out of me by telephone (over the past week, I think I got something like 60 calls) and then walking up to my house and ringing both my doorbell and my landlord's until someone would come to the door.

What really did me in was, I was on the phone trying to make sure that a friend's house hadn't been blown up, set fire to, whatever the heck's going on over there in Euro-Disney and I got called TWICE by school committee candidate volunteers. After that, a guy from one of the candidate's campaigns came to my door. I'm all for getting the vote out, but this has been just.plain.harassment.

Anonymous said...

Somerville, NJ?