Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Objets Trouvés

Walking through the junkyards on my way to work, I often find things that catch my eye. If they aren't too cumbersome and I think I can use them for something, I'll take them with me to the office.

What I tend to like the most are hubcaps. You can do all sorts of neat things with them depending on their shape, whether or not they're broken, etc. Last week, I picked up a particularly nifty one that somehow shattered into a star - solder a few pieces of mismatched silverware on, give it all a little shine-up and it'll make quite the supernova. Attach a tail of CDs cut in half and I'll have a comet. Mentioned this to the department head after he asked me about my new treasure and how I was going to decorate my new wall. He told me I had a "singular vision" and backed away. Karen said that I should change my name to Sanford. Let them laugh.

Am willing to bet that a certain someone understands.

(-image via that jewelbox full of all things bright and beautiful.)


Sissy Willis said...

Can't wait to see the photos . . . You are a girl after my own heart -- and eye. :)

Be said...

A lot of my stuff doesn't tend to see the light of day, unfortunately, because I don't have a digital camera. I should see if the publicity department will loan me theirs for a bit sometime. My office is quite a sight.


I like your heart and eye verymuch. I hope to cultivate mine to be even half what yours are someday.

Sissy Willis said...

Darling. You must, absolutely MUST get a digital camera of your own. :)

Be said...

Maybe I'll treat myself for Christmas. It would go nicely with my tentative Birthday present.