Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A couple found images from my dad's place.

This is me thirty years ago - I was four at the time. Like every other little girl whose mom had show-biz aspirations for her, I had to take dance lessons. Since my mom had a thing for Shirley Temple, she put me in tap dance school. Funny thing: I still remember the routines for the different recitals.

This is my dad forty years ago - at the time, he was 24. This was taken in Texas, I think, just before he was shipped off to the far east. Of course, the only stories he's told me about his time in the Army were pleasant ones: reminiscences of the Emerald Buddha on his one leave to Thailand, of aggravating the Korean MPs in Vietnam, of watching the sun rise as he was leaving Hawaii for his tour. He has particularly fond memories of Tales of the South Pacific, the last book in the barracks library left for him to read. Told me that he avoided the book till the very end because he'd figured it to be a soap opera. Was very surprised to find that it wasn't.

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