Sunday, June 14, 2009

To change the subject somewhat:

Would really like to attract hummingbirds. Is this possible in Somerville? We bought a nectar feeder along with some red-dyed juice and two hanging pots of bright red blooms (geraniums and impatiens). I'm thinking of getting a butterfly bush if I can find a place to fit it, along with lots of petunias. Am growing sweet peas, morning glories and nasturtiums, as well. In any event, this all is going to look great by July or August. Just don't know if I should get my hopes up regarding the visitors I'm trying trying to entice.


jo said...

In Maine we have one hummingbird feeder. Never bother buying the juice. 1:4 ratio of sugar:water.
Boil water, remove impurities or use bottled, add sugar. Allow to cool and use. It hangs on an arm off of our back deck so we can all watch it from inside. When we arrive to open for teh season they are already out there, the boys arrive first, zip, zip, zip WHERE"S THE FOOD, zip, zip ,zip. It's the first feeder my Mom puts out and it is ALWAYS busy. At night we take it in because teh racoon loves to come up and tip out the nectar and drink it.
Here I have a feeder, but I hadn't much luck. Finally one year I saw my first one on my buddleia and I was hooked. Now I have as many, 'cone' shaped flowers. Datura has brought them, they LOVE nicotiana, and last year I found out monarda or bee balm was a HUGE hit. They don't really bother with my geraniums even though they are hot red. They like lantana and I have some butterfly flower as well.
It may take some patience, but if you build it they will come.
The males leave first to head back home around late Aug, Sept, the girls will stay until late sept or when the blossoms star to fade.

Be said...

I was hoping you'd write - you're a treasure trove of good advice on birds, bird food and people food, as well (snort). Thanks! (Good to know about the sugar syrup - just bought a starter bit until we figure out how things are going to be arranged - and the geraniums.)