Monday, June 15, 2009

Chuck came by this morning at eight with a couple of big, burly boys and an electrician to start another project in the house. This time around, they're reflooring all the parts of the second floor that haven't been tiled and rewiring everything to get it all up to code. Should take about two weeks.

Today was demolition. All the old, mouldering wall-to-wall that remained was ripped up, then the floorboards (some of which were rotten) were removed. What a racket! Poor girl cat was hyperventilating upstairs for a while and even bit me when I tried to comfort her. Eventually she did let me take her downstairs for a bit. Interestingly enough, when she got to see the big, burly boys, she calmed down considerably.

Anyway, we're down to the sub floor in the big bedroom and the hall:


Pavel's room, which is just below mine.



Hundred Year Old Nails

Some of the hundreds of hundred-year-old nails pulled up this morning.

This part went surprisingly fast. Wood's going to be delivered later on this week and, based on when the electricians finish their work, the floor guys will come in either over the weekend or early next week to lay in the new wood. It's going to be red oak. Should be gorgeous.

There's dust everywhere and our movements are seriously restricted, but it's all going to seriously be worth it. Can't wait to see the end results.

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