Saturday, June 20, 2009

The floor guys sure work fast. They got here at around 8:00 and had the new boards nailed down by 11-ish. Have been staggering lunch breaks so that someone'd constantly be working. Right now, they're just about finishing up the sanding; expect that the initial coats of polyurethane will be applied very soon.

Have to admit, have heard of (and have had personal experience with) bad contractors in all areas*. Chuck is a dream, though - prompt, efficient, excellent manager, honest in terms of pricing. Oh yes, and someone with a knowledge of history and a sense of aesthetics we agree with. (Important, that.)


* Last house, the back stairs had to be ripped out and put back in several times because the guy kept getting things wrong. Also was missing an exposed wall for nearly a month and was w/out a bathroom for a couple weeks. Very typically hear from friends of people starting work, dismantling stuff completely, then disappearing for weeks at a time.

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