Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm sure that the sparrows're probably crowding out all the other species who might come to visit the feeders. Oh well, they're cute anyway.

This morning we must've had a good 40 of them in the yew along another 8-10 on the patio where I put a plate of corn. Though most still have their juvenile plumage (when does that change?), all seem to be able to get food from the feeders and crack the seed hulls on their own. It's only relatively rarely now that
we see the frantic wing flapping and gaping mouths pointed upward (this happens on occasion at the suet feeder, though).

What really gets us now is naptime.

Amid the din we'll always find a few downy little ones with their heads tucked under the wings. Occasionally, if we've not been discreet enough in our approaches, heads will come up, eyes will blink a few times in a fight between alertness and sleep-weight, and when they see that it's only the big things behind the shiny stuff that hurts when one bumps into it, sleep will win out again.

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