Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is amazing how such small animals can make such a racket. Normally, there's just the general cheerful chirping that goes on from about sunrise to sunset. From the inside, it's a nice background noise. When we're outside, sometimes we can hardly hear ourselves talking over it.

A couple times a day, there'll be a dispute over territory or food that leads to feathers flying and a general uproar in the yew. The best equivalents I can think of are a crowd of middle school aged kids chanting "fight!" around a couple of usually boys but sometimes girls intent on killing each other in an echo-y hallway or maybe the collective booing in the cafeteria after someone drops a tray*.

What's really notable, though, is the stillness and utter silence that overtakes the flock after some sort of warning call. We witness this maybe once a day and it even puts our hair on end.


* Yes, I was educated by wolves.

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