Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Picked up a papaya at the market on a whim. I do this every now and again.

I want to love this fruit so much. Euell Gibbons sung its praises in his Beachcomber's Handbook. I remember a few of them making their way home in suitcases after various relatives' Hawaiian vacations.

It's beautiful.


Sorry for the blur: the kitchen's pretty dark in the evening and I hate using the flash.

It's romantic.

The seeds call out to be touched (and saved) after the fruit's been cut. Have 1/2 a juice glassful of them in the fridge waiting to be planted.

But I just can't get to liking how it tastes. Perhaps I'm serving it not ripe enough (or too ripe)? Maybe I should try something other than just dousing it in lime juice or making fruit salads of it? Maybe it'll never taste as good as it looks to me?

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Dr Bob said...

I suspect it's just not ripe enough - a friend who spent years in Papua New Guinea won't buy them here - he says they never ripen properly!